Introducing Silas

Silas is a generic data mining and predictive analytics software built upon advanced machine learning, automated reasoning, and artificial intelligence techniques. It can deal with any type of structured data and it can be used to perform tasks such as classification, regression, segmentation, anomaly detection, prediction, etc.

To achieve fast computation speed and low memory usage, our high performance computing engineers have chosen to write the core code in C++. Silas is built to ultilise all the computation power possible using advanced multi-threading techniques. We have used program analysis tools to verify our source code and ensure that every resource is released from the memory as soon as possible and there is no memory leakage.

Besides high performance in machine learning, Silas has a unique feature: Model Insight. This tool adopts the latest automated reasoning technique to provide insights and explanations of the model such as the rationale behind the model’s decision-making, key features used in the prediction, adversarial examples etc.