Dependable and high performance machine learning



At Dependable Intelligence, we believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning should not only help people solve problems effectively and efficiently, but also provide solutions that are interpretable and trustworthy.

We provide advanced software and professional services for high-performance machine learning applications that require a high degree of reliability. We specialise in research and development of novel machine learning techniques that produce auditable predictive models which can be logically explained.

News Room

Depintel is working closely with univerisites around the world to host the International Sports Analytics Conference and Exhibition (ISACE) series 2024 in Paris, France, on 15 - 17 July 2024.

Silas v0.8.7 is released with better machine learning performance, higher computational efficiency, eXplainable AI capabilities, and more.

N-PAT is released as an extension of the Process Analysis Toolkit that can perform (probabilistic) model checking on nested and hierarchical systems with parallelism.

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