Silas Educational Version

Silas Edu is a command line application featuring the tools to train, audit and introspect binary classifiers built from tabular data.

FREE for non-commercial use only.

Silas Edu v0.8.5

Arch OS Concurrency mode Download link
x64 2 cores/4 threads
4 cores/8 threads

2 cores/4 threads
4 cores/8 threads
2 cores/4 threads
4 cores/8 threads

Please contact us if you require a build for specific software and hardware environment.

Silas Edu v0.8.6 Insider Preview

The invitation to access Silas Edu v0.8.6 Insider Preview version is now open! Please email our support team to request a copy.

The v0.8.6 Education version has several major updates, including: Optimisations on binary classification for better accuracy. Support for multi-class classification. Optimisation for memory efficiency when there are thousands of classes. Support for regression. Built-in grid search feature. And more.

See more details in the documentation.

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Please address your comments, bug reports and general inquiries about Silas Edu to our support team. Thank you!