Command IndexΒΆ

Command Description
silas gen-metadata-settings Generate meta-data settings, e.g., data type of features.
silas gen-metadata Generate meta-data, e.g., statistics of features.
silas gen-settings Generate settings for machine learning.
silas gen-all Generate all the above configuration files.
silas draw Visualise feature statistics in terminal.
silas sanitise Sanitise the dataset.
silas learn Build predictive models using machine learning and perform validation.
silas predict Perform prediction on a dataset using a previously built model.
silas gen-extract-settings Generate settings for logical formula extraction.
silas extract Extract logical formulae from a predictive model.
silas introspect Perform automated reasoning and obtain insight on how the predictive model works.
silas verify Verify the correctness of the predictive model against user specificaitons.